“It’s great to use my energy for something meaningful and healing.”


The Inner Diamond



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About the Artist

The fabric art of quiltmaking calls to NICOLE ST. ARNAUD of Calgary. “I just love the colors and bringing different pieces together to create a pattern.” She also notes that “everyone has a patchwork of life.”

Nicole recently donated a quilt to Yasodhara Ashram, which hangs in Mandala House atrium. Made of 108 blocks – each with one light and one dark triangle – she was inspired by both her quilting instructor and by Swami Radhananda, the Ashram’s spiritual director. Nicole says , “It represents the inner diamond, everlasting and shining brightly.”

While participating in the 2015 YDC, Nicole started a series of mini quilts that relate to the teachings. She is also sketching design ideas for future projects. “Because I’m just a beginner (I started quilting in 2005), I’m never entirely sure how a sketch will translate into fabric. The process is exciting.”