We want to bring Yasodhara Ashram to you!  To do this, we are reaching out beyond the Ashram borders with our diverse Yasodhara Yoga Outreach initiatives.

Look for teacher tours across North America, innovative workshops from the emerging Yasodhara Institute and new ways to connect to the Ashram wherever you are via the Internet.

Join in, wherever you are, by doing your own reflections utilizing the monthly theme, cooking up a delicious meal with the monthly recipe, reading the latest Ashram news in the monthly newsletter or plan to join us for a Bhajan Blast and share devotional music, sacred dance and inspiring words!

We are especially grateful for Swami Radha’s teachings, which can guide us to the luminous, compassionate wisdom within.

We invite you to stay connected to the Ashram through our monthly online offerings. Let’s create a network of Light as we deepen our understanding.