“Swami Radha says the dance evolves by Divine grace and I have found that to be true.”


Rebecca Dale’s love of sacred prayer dance shines through her entire being. She teaches workshops in Canada and the United States, including at Yasodhara Ashram and in Nelson where she is establishing a Yasodhara Yoga Centre.

“I really like being able to use my body to express. It allows a special kind of concentration and focus,” Rebecca comments. “And I like the connection that it provides me; it’s an incredible feeling,”

Rebecca credits mentors like Swamis RadhaKrishnananda and Yasodananda with helping her learn and refine this art-in-motion. Nine years ago, she danced in an instructional video of the Ashram Prayer Dance that is still available for those who want to learn at home. (see Online Store)

“I really enjoy teaching dance,” she adds. “I think my enthusiasm gets conveyed so people want to do it, too.”

Rebecca particular likes the story-telling aspect of dance and expressing feelings through her face. “So much of the story is told through facial expressions. Also using Swami Radha’s original costumes is touching.”

Additional training with renowned Bharata Natyam dancer Anusha Fernando recently served as part of Rebecca’s professional development. Anusha will present a workshop and performance at Yasodhara Ashram in July. Contact Registrations if you are interested in attending Anusha’s workshop or performance.

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