A Year In Review

Our Beloved Garden

Our garden and orchard continued to flourish with the guidance of Stine Maria of Denmark along with the offerings of many karma yogis. Delicious meals for guests and our community bore witness to the results.

Some highlights:

  • Colourful peppers totalled 68+ lbs; tomatoes 655+ lbs; squash 975+ lbs
  • Chickens produced more than 14,000 organic eggs as well as providing fertilizer, weed and pest control
  • Kitchen prepared 53,500 meals
  • Preserving kitchen canned 96 liters of Ashram organic pears; 102 litres of relish and fermented 166 litres of sauerkraut

Our Valued Karma Yogis

People who joined our Karma Yoga Programs provided quality and commitment. Many gained valuable experience by taking on leadership roles. Some stayed on from the previous fall for the Yoga Development Course; others
took their learnings and Light back into the world.

Our Inspired Guests

Nearly 300 guests joined on-site retreat programs ranging from 5 days to three weeks,
with 40% new to the Ashram! Online Offering participation dipped yet still provided connection
and the teachings for our worldwide community.

Our Continuous Upkeep 

Our environmental group renamed itself as Conservation, Mitigation & Generation to assess where we are at and where we are going with our ongoing efforts for sustainable living. Some of the projects either on the go or being planned include:


  • protecting and upgrading buildings to save energy
  • replacing windows


  • heat pumps in response to adverse impacts of climate change
  • forest fuel mitigation work
  • recycling


  • solar & photovoltaic pilot projects
  • geothermal & air source heat pumps
  • generators
Our Devoted Residents

We delighted in welcoming and offering the teachings to so many guests as the pandemic shifted. We also expanded ways to encourage connected people to come stay awhile, such as through ‘hybrid stays’ that combine continued employment and some Karma Yoga.

We continued to learn more about self-care and preparedness, as illness and age showed our vulnerability at times. Swami Sivananda went to Ottawa for a sabbatical to be closer to family. Welcoming input and involvement from younger generations is top of mind.





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