YDC 2020 Testimonials

Graduates of the 2020 YDC speak about their experience – and invite you to join this life-changing program.

Niamh – “Participating in the YDC I feel I was given the opportunity to learn the true meaning of self-acceptance in an environment where I felt completely safe and supported. This encouraged me to be open and work with the most vulnerable parts of myself.”

Elina – “One of the most valuable experiences I have had in my life. I have never taken so much time to invest in myself and it has paid off. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I feel that I have grown.”

Jason – “Ever since I took the YDC, I’ve found I’m much more capable of exploring the roots of my emotions, to know what to do when things are tumultuous or unsettled. A key learning I took away was that I can bring clarity into all aspects of my life, that nothing is unchangeable.”

Xue – “The YDC was an intensely explorative and nourishing journey for me. I got a glimpse of the depth of lightness and darkness within myself that I was totally unaware of. It taught me to connect with my real essence, in so many simple yet miraculous ways. The process was not always easy, but it has definitely been emancipating.”

Delta – “Marvelous, worthwhile, whole, deep, challenging, unexpected, transformative, different, personal, growth and a gift. Just come!”


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