Captikwl by Jodie Berard

“Nsyilxcin language and Syilx culture are taught to honour the natural laws that creator has given us. Storytelling has been known to show up within different forms of art, as you see with these 2 pieces I was gifted from the Cedar Forest.

I chose elements and symbols that represent the great Elk, Grizzly & Black bear, Salmon & eggs, and water. I chose this design because it directly represents the laws of the Syilx people. The jaw bones of the Elk also have special importance to me personally as I open to healing for my own jaw. One form of this healing is being willing to speak up, to speak my truth.

It is my responsibility as a Syilx land steward to teach and honour all the energies/people/spirits who have learned the responsibility to care for each other in various ways, to help sustain life and the balance of life. These natural laws come from ‘tmix’, all life forms, because it is only through creators’ gifts that life exists at all.


Jodie Berard lived, worked, and shared her art and culture at the Ashram in 2020. She’s an artist and artisan, a community organizer, and a good friend to human and animal alike. She can most easily be recognized by the dachshund sized shadow following on her heels named Higgins.

The Ashram is located on the unceded territories of the Ktunaxa and Sinixt People.
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