Afterlife Bistro by Ashley Laframboise

Afterlife Bistro

I write for nobody but God,
precious one who listens.

Maybe after I die
I’ll finally get to sit down with Her
at a little French bistro somewhere;
tell her all my truths,
unravel like a daisy
in which each and every petal says
She loves me–

tell her my story, as I
feel it.
Maybe we’d just sit there and cry.

“This poem was written in a burst of inspiration when I was thinking about how amazing it would be to sit down with Divine Mother–at a Paris bistro, of course (city of my dreams)–and have a long talk about everything that’s happened in my life: the traumas, the heartbreak, the little moments that cracked and shattered everything, and the big ones that fell flat. I envision sitting there with Her for, well, something beyond time and space, and get to talk about it all–with the only one who understands, truly, what it means to be me. To share that with Her. This poem is simple and short, and I like that about it. Some of the truer ones are that way.”

Artwork by Ashley LaFramboise


—Ashley is a teacher: both of the BC English curriculum in Creston, BC, and of Kundalini and Dreams. She has been involved with the Ashram for the last decade, and has enjoyed three year-long stints as a grateful and energetic karma yogi. These days she spends her time drenching herself in the Arts and Humanities (there is much to learn in this life), keeping inspiration flowering and flowing, and building community through board games and food.


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