Captikwl by Jodie Berard
“Nsyilxcin language and Syilx culture are taught to honour the natural laws that creator has given us. Storytelling has been known to show up within different forms of art, as you see with these 2 pieces I was gifted from the Cedar Forest. Read more »

Afterlife Bistro by Ashley Laframboise
Afterlife Bistro I write for nobody but God, precious one who listens. Maybe after I die I’ll finally get to sit down with Her at a little French bistro somewhere; tell her all my truths, unravel like a daisy in … Read more » Read more »

Poems by Katie Isabel
Silence The word that resonates, commemorates, permeates this space, is silence. Close your eyes and let your inner voice provide guidance. Tones that used to be tense, so relentlessly loud, anxiety ridden, full of doubt are now bright, calm and … Read more » Read more »

The Reluctant Yogi by Jamieson Child
The Reluctant Yogi by Jamieson Child “I got the idea for the Reluctant Yogi from an old comic I would doodle sometimes about a homeless guy down on his luck –– sometimes spouting wisdom, but mostly just down and out … Read more » Read more »

“Whole” by Melanie Erin
Melanie is a songwriter and singer from Toronto who is influenced by the present moment. She takes inspiration from her day or an interaction and symbolically works with what her muse brings to her through dreams, thought and feelings. She … Read more » Read more »

Paintings By Myca Palmer
“I started painting about 3 years ago, drawn to it by a deep yearning to explore myself more deeply. Self put down thoughts such as ‘I can’t draw’ ‘I’m useless’, ‘I’m past it’ became… ‘who says so’? This opened a … Read more » Read more »

The Lost Things by Daniel Crough
Daniel Crough is a writer, a storyteller, a technology leader, a yogi and a humble traveller on the spiritual path. When he’s not building websites or strategizing for businesses of all sizes, you can find him in nature or writing in his home by... Read more »

Drawing from Swami Matananda
Two of my favorite things came together in a new and organic way, which is what I think creativity often is for me. I drew the image of Swami Sukhananda's hands a long time ago. We have been on this path together now for... Read more »

Map of Every Series – Paintings by Garry Sly
I started painting when I was 24 years old. I had never been involved with art before but suddenly I began painting. I took a painting course at the Ottawa School of Art and soon after transferred to the University of Victoria and completed... Read more »

Poetry by Julie MacAdam
I wonder if the wind feels resistance when it blows, If raindrops are afraid to merge with the flows of rivers and seas no longer being just their own. I wonder if the sun realizes the brightness of its light and if it wishes... Read more »