Karma Yoga Program Schedule

Here is an overview of what your time here would look like:

First two weeks:
Quarantine period due to COVID-19 precautions. This will be like a structured personal retreat as you enter into the Ashram community.

Your days will include:

  • Personal practice time
  • Light Karma Yoga (outdoor selfless service)
  • Reading Ashram books and self-reflection on each book
  • Communication with a representative from the Ashram (buddy-system)
  • Health monitoring
  • Personal creative pursuits
  • Pre-recorded satsangs
  • Three nutritous meals

Week 3 includes:

  • orientation
  • training & Karma Yoga in different areas
  • workshops introducing practices and self-development processe
  • reflection day

Weeks 4-8 include:

  • 5.5 days of full-time Karma Yoga (working in different areas)
  • daily reflection breaks including writing/sharing in small groups
  • weekly evening class
  • weekly half-day workshop
  • weekly reflection day
  • final week includes review and planning as well as exit interviews

Based on six-eight hours of Karma Yoga daily, depending on the day; elders (60 and over) can request fewer hours.


  • library; bookstore; meditation rooms; beach and forest walks

Participants are also welcome to attend lunch-hour activities (such as sacred dance/music or learning sessions on various topics), as well as special events. Each participant is assigned an Ashram contact person to help with ongoing questions.


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