Updated October 20, 2023

We welcome you to experience the Ashram and be in the community in safe, relaxing ways.
Before your arrival as an incoming guest or karma yogi, make sure that you are symptom-free and in good health. For everyone's health and safety, we are currently requiring incoming guests to take a rapid test just before or upon arrival (result must be negative) and to wear a mask indoors for the first two days ending with a second negative rapid test. On your arrival day, you can take your own rapid test prior to arriving at the Ashram. If you do not have tests, we will provide one as soon as you arrive, outside our main building Mandala House.


  • Providing daily hand washing reminders to our karma yogis, residents, staff and guests to emphasize the importance of hand washing before each meal and regularly throughout the day.
  • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer at our Welcome Centre and other key locations.
  • Posting hygiene tips in all bathrooms, offering advice on hand washing.
  • Regular sanitation with greater than 60% alcohol antiviral cleaners of public doorknobs, light switches, and other commonly-touched surfaces.

We welcome registered guests and karma yogis. See the appropriate webpages.

We are NOT open for casual drop-ins, nor for lunch, dinner and satsangs. Watch for availability of guided Saturday tours mid next year.