Updated February 2023

The Ashram is continually working to implement safe, proactive and appropriate responses to the ever-changing environment of COVID-19. Keeping our registered guests, karma yogis, residents and community safe is our top priority.

We welcome you to experience the Ashram and be in the community in safe, relaxing ways. Please be aware of the following protocols for incoming guests or karma yogis - fully vaccinated or not - before you arrive as a registered guest:

  • Before you set out please make sure that you are symptom-free and in good health. If in doubt take a Covid-19 Antigen Test beforehand at home.
  • On your arrival day, we ask all guests to take your own Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Test when you know you will not be in contact indoors with other people and prior to arriving at the Ashram. If you do not have tests, First Aid will provide one for you as soon as you arrive, outside our main building Mandala House.
  • If your first test is negative you can join the community with the following protocols:
    - Wear an N-95 mask for the first two days whenever you are inside a building and near others in indoor spaces including our main dining and gathering building, Mandala House, and for satsangs in the Temple of Light. This includes being masked for classes, for indoor Karma Yoga with other people, and in the hallways or common spaces of your accommodations. Outdoor activities will be arranged as much as possible to minimize masking.
    - Maintain social distancing; wash or sanitize hands before meals.
    - Eat meals at the designated RESERVED tables in the dining room (near the windows) or on the outside deck.
    - Take a second Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Test 48 hours after the first one. If both tests are negative, masking will not be further required although you are welcome to wear a mask anytime you wish. If you test positive, you will go into isolation for a minimum of 5 days or you have the option of going elsewhere for isolation.
  • Requiring mask wearing for two days by incoming guests as outlined above.
  • Providing daily hand washing reminders to our karma yogis, residents, staff and guests to emphasize the importance of hand washing before each meal and regularly throughout the day.
  • Providing alcohol-based hand sanitizer at our Welcome Centre and other key locations.
  • Posting hygiene tips in all bathrooms, offering advice on hand washing.
  • Regular sanitation with greater than 60% alcohol antiviral cleaners of public doorknobs, light switches, and other commonly-touched surfaces.
  • Ensuring adequate food and other supplies.
  • Coordinating active Covid Protocol Team and long-standing First Aid Team.
  • Having isolation spaces available for anyone who tests positive.
  • Providing single-room accommodation for most guests, unless other arrangements are made.

We are currently open to longer stay retreat guests as well as longer-stay karma yogis. See the appropriate webpages.

The following are not available:

  • We are closed to drop-in visitors walking or driving on the Ashram grounds or visiting buildings including the Temple of Light and the Gift Store, with the exception of guided tours available once a month during summer/fall.
  • We are closed for lunch, dinner and satsangs.

We will continue our generous refund policy of providing credit for a future retreat if you need to cancel due to travel or health concerns. If you are registered in a program and are concerned about traveling or coming into the community, we invite you to speak with our Registration staff.


If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us and we would be happy to discuss any of our protocols. Registration at 250-227-9224 or toll-free 1-800-661-8711 or by email.
Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate this evolving situation. We are continually developing strong contingency plans that prioritize health, safety and care. It feels especially important now that we take care of each other.