Honouring the soul of Swami Vimalananda ~August 9, 2020~

Recently Swami Vimalananda’s daughter Annette felt that the time had come to return Swami Vimalananda’s ashes to her spiritual home.

We held a small and intimate ceremony on August 9, to honour Swami Vimalananda and to offer her ashes to the lake.

It began with a smudge and Chuck walked around our circle coming to each one of us and blessing us with the sacred smoke.

The altar was beautiful and blessed with Tara’s presence ~ then Gauri & Sw Sukhananda go to the canoe

Sw Sukhananda and Gauri cared for Swami Vimalananda during her last year at Radha House. Below they scatter the ashes and flower petals. As well, Swami Lalitananda offered a tiny amount of Swami Radha’s ashes to be scattered with Swami Vimalananda’s ashes.

We gather chanting Om Namah Sivaya as the ashes and flower petals are offered to the lake. At the end we come together in a circle and place Swami Vimalananda’s soul in the Light. A feeling of completion.


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