Open-Handed Healing

“What is it that heals? Remember that you are not the healer. It is the Light that heals, not the intellect.” – Swami Radha

When Chloe Davidson – a talented musician from Kelowna – came to the Ashram on an Artist Retreat, she was given a way she didn’t expect to heal from grief.

My mom passed away in July and after coming to a place of surrender, I thought what a wonderful place to surrender even more at Yasodhara, especially because of the emphasis on Divine Mother. I found my mom everywhere here! On my first day of Karma Yoga, I worked in the garden and I was so happy because my mom was an avid gardener. I was then placed in the kitchen but I was hoping to be back in the garden because I connect with mom there. Then of all things, someone asked me to make many bouquets for the dining room tables!

When mom got sick, she couldn’t go out into the garden but her favourite thing was for me to bring her a bouquet. That way, she could see what was going on in the garden and in her last days I took her a bouquet everyday. So when I got to do that job, I had mom guiding me as I foraged for wildflowers, finding forget-me-nots in the most random spots. I got to make all these bouquets for all moms and Divine Mother and now they aren’t separated anymore. When I was foraging, I had a new melody and words going through my head –  She walks through the darkest valleys and climbs the mountain paths. She bows down to her mother and sings with open hands. For anyone on this spiritual path, you go through a lot of this-and-that; if you can do it with open hands, I have been amazed at the peace and wholeness that it brings, even in the saddest times.

For Chloe’s inspirational music go to: Chloe Davidson Music


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