Invitation to Participate in Karma Yoga Projects

In addition to our ongoing Karma Yoga needs, we are inviting our teachers and returning karma yogis to offer their skills and experience to support these specific projects:

Karma Yoga Coordinating

Come and be part of a vibrant and creative team, collaborating to meet both the daily work needs of the Ashram and the needs of all the karma yogis who keep the Ashram humming.

Karma Yoga Coordinators use organizational skills, intuition, and clear communication to create a harmonious and efficient work atmosphere at the Ashram. If you’ve been to the Ashram, you know how important this job is, and we’d love your help with it this summer. Lots of great transferable skills to work outside the ashram!

The timeframe for this is both immediate and ongoing; one month to six-week commitment is ideal although any length is welcome.

  • Spring berry bush and small bush pruning (Completed by May)
  • Perennial gardens spring maintenance (Completed by mid June)
  • Broom (invasive plant) removal during flowering stage (late spring, Completed by end of June)
  • Spring and fall fire suppression work (Late spring and late winter)
  • Temple landscaping – Soil enhancement, planting of shrubs and plants (May/June)
  • Lavender Harvest (End of June-July)
  • Sewing Lavender Sachets – A project you can do from home. We have the material and a sample (Completed end of June)
  • Peak season support: planting, harvesting, weeding & mulching (July and August)
  • Harvest season support: harvesting, putting garden to bed, winter planting (Fall)
  • Picking cherries (approx. first 2 weeks in July)
  • Apple, pear, plum, grape picking (September-October)
Preserving Kitchen
  • Cherries – jams, canning, freezing (approx. July 7 to 20)
  • Raspberries and Blueberries -jams, freezing  (approx. July 21 to Aug 20)
  • Pickle making (August 10 to September)
  • Plums – jams, freezing  (late August and September)
  • Apples – saucing, freezing, sorting, storing  (late August and September)
  • Tomatoes – picking, freezing, canning (September)
  • Pears – canning (September and October)
  • Peak season support: ongoing (July and August)
  • Drapery refresh (Ongoing)
  • Professional videographer/photographer  (May to Sept)
Repair & Maintenance
  • Help with small repairs and building maintenance (anytime May-Sept)

What’s Included:

  • Shared room
  • Morning Hatha Yoga or Hidden Language Hatha Yoga
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Evening satsang
  • Daily reflection gathering
  • Weekly class

The Karma Yoga week is 5 ½ days of service and 1 ½ your own reflection time.

A contribution towards your stay is always welcome.

To Apply:

Please contact Padmananda ( if you are able to be part of our karma yoga team.


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