Upcoming Reconciliation Workshops with Indigenous Elders

Pahan Pte San Win and Wanbdi Wakita of Bear Paw Tipi (Manitoba) are a husband and wife team who have dedicated their lives to sharing their knowledge about reconciliation and healing. On April 20-22, 2018 they will be returning to the East Shore to offer a series of workshops and satsangs at Yasodhara Ashram.

Wanbdi’s path has taken him from Indian Residential school to the Canadian Armed Forces as a Peacekeeper, and for over three decades, to work with men in prison. Today he is Unkan or Grandfather to the University of Manitoba Access Program. In 2016 he received the Order of Manitoba for his lifelong efforts to support healing and promote unity between all nations.

“There is an order to living based on Natural Law,” says Wanbdi, a Dakota Spiritual Leader. “When we follow this way we live in harmony with all nations on Mother Earth.”

Pahan is Lakota, Cree and Metis, a counseling therapist who reaches into the breadth of her traditions to bring healing to those that seek it. Pahan is Grandmother to incarcerated youth at the Manitoba Youth Centre and the Ceremonial leader to the Sundance of Women.

“Life has been my greatest teacher,” Pahan says. “The spiritual growth that came to me through years spent in prayer and ceremony has allowed me the insight to understand those lessons.”

With their decades of experience they will lead workshops and satsangs throughout the weekend that focus on the reflections of love, peace and what it means to be an ally within the reconciliation process. A dedication will also be made to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Children. All are welcome to attend single days, evening satsangs or the whole weekend.

Wanbdi and Pahan first offered teachings on the East Shore last year with their workshop Perspectives from Love & Healing, A Weekend of Reconciliation With Indigenous Elders at the Ashram. “The words, prayers, and songs shared by Pahan and Wanbdi had a power – simply listening to them was an act of healing,” says participant Francesca Cogorno. “They spoke from a deeply compassionate and loving place that allowed me to be in that space within myself.”

The weekend will begin Friday night at 7:30 pm with satsang led by Pahan with the Healing Medicine of Love. Saturday and Sunday will commence at 10 am with activities and reflections and end with Satsang at 7:30 – 8:30 pm. Sunday’s satsang will also offer a dedication to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Children. Participation is by contribution with net proceeds going to support the Sundance of Women this summer in Manitoba. This will be an enriching and fulfilling weekend that is not to be missed!

Please pre-register for this event:
Call 250-227-9224 or email registrations@yasodhara.org. Participation is by contribution.

For more information or to arrange for an interview:
Terry Taylor-Topp

Click here to download a high-res photo of Pahan & Wanbdi.


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