The Practice of Opening


Swami Radhananda

The Ashram has changed, we’ve opened up.

You can think about the Temple as a force that brought us to this place – a place in time where we have more people coming, staying for longer – professionals, young people, elders who all have so much to give. More people want to be part of the Light. The Temple helped us to open to that.

We don’t really know what will change once this Temple is built, and that’s the exciting part! We have such a great group of architects and builders. We are inviting in new ideas to go beyond what we could have done ourselves. And now we have to do our part and open the way for it to happen.

The practice is to keep opening. This new Temple will last for years until it has completed its purpose, at which point we might need something different again, or there may be different ways to fulfill that purpose. Everything is destroyed or dies – that’s part of being on Earth. We can’t hold onto anything. I can see that from letting go of being the president and also from getting older. We just have to keep living our lives, no matter what comes. And in that living, we learn, and give, and think more deeply about what we really want.

The Temple is giving us a way to think differently. What will the new Temple bring? Can we be open to it? We are taking a leap from where we were to where we are going. The Ashram will keep moving forward, and so can each one of us. We have to give, take responsibility, keep on making the connection. Make a promise, live the practice. And there is so much to be found when we do that.


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