Straight Walk: Steps to Awareness

$100.00 Deposit

July 29 – 31

Where are you now and where do you want to be? This workshop encourages you to gather facts by observing both your emotional responses and rational thinking. Unpacking this spectrum of responses can help you make better decisions. Based on an ancient Buddhist practice of self-awareness, the Straight Walk involves several walking meditations done with observation and concentration. You take steps, literally and symbolically, to understand your perception and to gain a new perspective.

This course shifted my perspective 180 degrees, and I was able to see through the repetitious mental patterns and emotional filters that blur my ability to function from my centre. I know that from now on I can make choices from a steady, straight place.

– C.K.H Tulsa OK

Cost: $500; deposit $100 (See our Cancellation Policy)
Includes shared accommodation, three meals daily, morning hatha, retreat/workshop, and evening satsang.

Recommended book: The Divine Light Invocation

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