November 14, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Santosha – Contentment: A Hidden Language Hatha Yoga Practice

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One of four classes exploring the Yamas and Nyamas through yoga poses and reflection. Take one class or all four!

About this Event

Contentment comes when we accept what life offers and we learn; accepting ourselves just as we are. We can start by simply accepting what the body is saying today. When we relax into where we are — pause in a pose and observe –there is an opportunity to experience each moment more fully and to enjoy our yoga practice. The body will respond in gratitude. Then, from this calm and more confident inner place, we may feel we can step into new challenges in life, and events in the outer world are less likely to set us off balance.

You will need an uncluttered space, a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, a journal and pen. You are also asked to sign in 30 minutes before your first class to check and adjust the positioning of your mat, laptop camera, lighting and sound.