Podcast #15 My Time With Radha

Draupadi on the Power of Curiosity

In this episode of My Time with Radha, Katie Taher engages in a conversation with Draupadi, a devoted follower of Swami Radha. They explore the power of curiosity and the strength found in embracing life with an open mind. (Apologies for any sound quality issues.)

´╗┐Draupadi found Swami Radha's directness and fierce demeanor admirable. She understood Swami Radha not being universally liked, yet she recognized its importance for spiritual advancement. A bond of mutual respect and understanding blossomed between them, enabling Draupadi to confront her own fears in the presence of such a formidable woman.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Draupadi. This episode can be streamed at Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music or YouTube.



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