Kundalini & Dream Yoga Teacher Certification is more than teacher training; it is an adventure of expanding awareness and discovering potential. This intensive program is a profound experience of being together with others of like-mind and coming closer to your own self.

The questions “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” are the foundation of an ongoing self-inquiry that leads to transformation.

Kundalini Yoga is the study of mind and consciousness, not in the abstract but in a very real, personal way. Using the questions and practices in Kundalini Yoga for the West, you will study energy, imagination, emotions, heart, will, mind, consciousness, the power of choice, the power of the senses, the power of speech.

From your personal learning, you teach. From your teaching, you learn. Kundalini Yoga comes alive as the real teacher.

As part of this course, you also explore the unconscious levels of mind through recording and interpreting your dreams. Using Swami Radha’s Dream Yoga method, you access the meaning of your dreams and tap the benefits of that inner wisdom. In small groups you learn to guide others in their dream interpretations by asking questions, offering tools and helping each person unlock the symbolic messages to attain insights they can apply in their lives.

Teacher Trainees in this course will:
• clarify their ethics as a yoga teacher
• create both a Kundalini class series and a Dream class series
• teach in small group sessions with colleagues
• learn to maintain a focus on Light and build an adjustable class framework to meet students’ needs.
• participate in a post-course practicum at the Ashram or in your community and write a summary of your learning

Part of the teaching practice is becoming sensitive to what is being said through the students’ reflections. You learn to be receptively silent and to ask questions that lead to deepening their process, and to engage group interaction.

This is a fourteen-day intensive training program. During the program you will be a valued member of the Ashram community, participating in Karma Yoga as well as leading satsangs and morning Hatha classes.

Teachers are encouraged to re-certify every three years. Many teachers return more frequently, finding this program an advanced learning experience and an opportunity to collaborate, to be inspired in their teaching, and to further their own personal development.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Yoga Development Course and the book reflection project.

Required reading: Kundalini Yoga for the West and Realities of the Dreaming Mind

$2109 – single room hall bathroom shared with one other person
$2589 – single ensuite

(10% discount if both K&D and HL Teacher Certifications taken in the same year.)

Bursaries for young adults 18-30 are available on application for those who have financial need.

(See our Cancellation Policy)

Includes accommodation, three meals daily, morning hatha, retreat/workshop, and evening satsang.

Reconciliation Fund – Your stay will include a $25 contribution (added to your invoice) toward The Reconciliation Fund initiated January 1, 2022. The collected money will be donated to a First Nations non-profit organization. These contributions, together with offerings from Ashram residents, will be given with the sincere intention to help right past injustices. All who visit or live at Yasodhara Ashram are on the beautiful but unceded territory of First Nations peoples, and we want to take meaningful action and give something back for this privilege.

2024 Dates:
July 17 – 31 (arrive July 17, depart August 1)

Please contact the Program Advisor to begin the Kundalini & Dream Yoga Teacher Certification application process.

See Health & Safety protocols.