Tribute to Swami Radhananda

For myself “elegant grace” are the two words that best describe Swami Radhananda, as well as the ashram and the many teachings.

Bryan Buell
Swami Radhananda Gratitude

Swami Radhananda has been my inspiration in learning and sharing the Divine Light Invocation since 2006 YDC. She led us with such grace and softness sharing the knowledge as Swami Radha’s legacy lives on. Forever grateful for her teachings and her love for all. Hari Om

Forever grateful

I experienced Swami Radhananda as a woman of few words, but her words had a powerful impact on me. At the end of a YDC or teacher certification course she always asked; “What did you learn?” Much to my surprise a succinct answer always came to me. That was the power of her words and of her presence. I was often struck by Swami Radhananda’s eyes. They spoke of kindness, gentleness, caring and devotion, often accompanied by a sparkle of playfulness and a pure joy of life. My deepest sense of connection to Swami Radhananda is through her books, especially Living the Practice. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and insights and the way she conveyed Swami Radha’s teachings through her own life experiences, explorations and learning. Living the Practice has become both a grounding force and a guiding star for me. It gives me courage and hope and in this way Swami Radhananda will always be with me.

Carol Putnam
Lasting wisdom

I came to the ashram in the late summer, the first year that the youth program started. Swami Lalitananda and Swami Radhananda played a big role in guiding us youth that year. In looking back now, it was a remarkable experience to be a youth in the program’s early days. The generosity from all of the residents and Swamis, with their time and teachings, as they shaped the program was profound and I daresay had lasting impacts on many of us who took part all those years ago.

At some point during that first Fall, Swami Radhananda was guiding us through the Life seals program. She made one quiet suggestion about some images I had drawn, and with that, managed to plant a seed that in many ways grows in me still. It was the gentle subtlety of her remark that made all the difference – it allowed for my own sense of empowerment to take flight that day. Looking back now, I understand that kind of subtlety to be the mark of a truly generous and insightful teacher.

Rachel Johnston
Swami Radananda

I Haven’t been to the ashram in many years due to health reasons. I remember my 1st time at the ashram about 20 years ago at least. Swami Radanada was in the book store I was struck by her quiet and peaceful manner, and at Satsang how she would speak in a gentle way yet very direct. I am enjoying remembering how she had an impact on my spiritual growth. I’m so grateful to have had those moments in her presence.

Linda Juniper (McManaman)
A Spiritual Mother and a True Human Being

Swami Radhananda introduced me to the incredible art and science of Kundalini Yoga in 1996 and I was hooked! She was both a patient and thoughtful teacher as well as a fierce and direct guru/mentor. There were hidden messages with layers of yogic meaning in everything she said as well as in her fearless embrace of silence. Her embodiment of selfless love and her willingness to regularly stir the pot of the teachings as I thought I knew them changed my life and so many others for the better. Over the 24 years of our relationship she modelling the life of a true karma yogi and spiritual mother. I’m incredibly grateful for the many years of her direct teaching as well as the regular ascent articles, satsang talks and videos that nourished my life away from the Ashram. Be in the Light, Radhananda!

Arlene Trustham

Love. Growth. Tremendous gratitude.

Hari Om

Jo Ann Hamm
A bright light

When I think of Swami Radhananda, I think of the sun shining in her shock of white hair, smiling graciously, walking the grounds of the Ashram with her companions.

She was always a light to behold, and I miss running into her and giving her a bow on the grounds of the beautiful Yasodhara Ashram which she dedicated so much of her life to.

Diana van Eyk
In memory of Swami Radhananda and the Yasodhara lineage

Although my time with Swami Radhananda was mostly through her books, her Satsang talks and videos, and the summer pujas during my Karma Yoga stays, I would take delight in catching glimpses of her on her walkabouts at the Ashram in her final years. I felt the same joy as I do now when spotting my first robin in the spring. Promise. When tending to my flower boxes at home and seeing the first of the bees humming and visiting the flowers I had planted, I remember the summer work bees at the Ashram, an event, I was told, was inspired by Swami Radhananda. Now that she has passed into the Light, Swami Radhananda’s presence will remain with me with each robin I see … with each hum of a bee. I will remember, through her example, the promise of the teachings of our lineage. In deepest gratitude.

Shaun Alsford

At a workshop where we drew faces, Swami Radhananda looked at mine and noted that it didn’t have any ears. She then walked on. I got the message. She didn’t have to berate me for it. I always appreciated her gentle way of teaching. . . . though I know she could be fierce at times. She was a gentle soul that showered love with everything she did. She is missed.

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