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Energy resilience and renewable energy alternatives continue to be a primary concern on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake – a remote area vulnerable to frequent power outages and on the far end of a single line power grid.

Eva Snyder, a long time karma yogi and 2012 YDC graduate, prepared the Rural Alternative Energy & Resiliency Report, the result of a 2013 Teck Service Learning Internship grant.

Eva presents her assessment of available renewable energy alternatives such as photovoltaics, micro-hydro, bio mass, geo-thermal and wind, for residential and community scale systems. We have light and water in abundance.  The question is, how can we harness these resources for energy in ways that are respectful of the environment, natural eco-cycles, and the beauty of our surroundings on the east shore?

Read the full report here (PDF 1.7MB) and consider your options for sustainable and renewable energy.