Podcast #7

“Grave situations make us think more deeply about our lives and what we can do to achieve peace.” Swami Radhananda
In this episode, Katie Taher interviews Swami Sukhananda, a long-time resident and teacher at the Ashram. She discusses what it is to have peace of mind in turbulent times and how to develop self-mastery in order to achieve an inner world that matches the outer world you want to live in. This theme – recorded some months ago – seems evermore important given the present moment war conflicts.

Swami Sukhananda reflects back on the unseen forces that guided her to come to Canada from England and eventually brought her to the Ashram where she met Swami Radha.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Swami Sukhananda. This episode can be streamed at Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music or YouTube.


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