Podcast #4

Katie Taher sits down with Devi and discusses her time with Swami Radha and the theme of commitment. Devi reflects on how Swami Radha challenged her and was able to break down her defenses – knowing exactly what she needed. Even if it meant an emotionally difficult experience, Devi committed to learning and expanding through the practices. The commitment she made to herself during her time at the Ashram influenced the rest of her life.

“There is no life that does not include commitment in one way or another and we often don’t really know what we are committed to. The commitment to your own development cannot be replaced by a commitment to another person and it cannot be imposed on you by someone else. You have to exercise your own free will about commitment and then put your will behind that commitment.” –Swami Radha, Time to Be Holy

We hope you enjoy this interview with Devi & Katie. This episode can be streamed at Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music or YouTube.


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