Podcast #1

We are excited to launch our new Yasodhara Ashram Podcast for our 60th year! Today we hear from Swami Jyotihananda discuss her time with a great woman – Swami Radha.

´╗┐We have been considering this idea for sometime now but like with all things, the Divine has its own timeline and things fell into place to make this a reality.

Katie Taher, a graduate of the YDC and a former resident at the Ashram, came up with the idea of interviewing the Swamis and other devotees of the Ashram to tell stories of their time Swami Radha. This grew into the podcast coming to life.

Katie’s interviews, My Time with Radha, will be our first episodes within our podcast. Listen below to this warm and engaging interview.

Follow us as more interviews are revealed each month!

We hope you enjoy this first interview with Swami Jyotihananda and Katie. This episode can be streamed at Spotify, iHeart Radio,
Amazon Music or YouTube.


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