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10 Days of Yoga – Linda
10 Days of Yoga participant Linda Morrissey shares her experience of taking this transformative course. Read more »

10 Days of Yoga – Barbara
10 Days of Yoga participant Barbara Ritchie shares her experience of taking this life-changing course. Read more »

Temple of Light Film Released
We are excited to publicly release the short film “Temple of Light”, filmed and edited by Gem Salsberg. This film commemorates the completion of the new Temple of Light in 2017, three years after the original Temple burned. Interviews with residents, guests, construction workers... Read more »

Shining Brightly – Newsletter Issue 3, 2018
What a wonderful start to the summer - with youthful heartfelt community choirs singing subtle connections to earth, air, water and spirit. And the official opening of the Temple of Light drawing a grand gathering to celebrate - with thoughtful tributes from local leaders... Read more »

Swami Premananda Invites You!
View this video for a reminder of all the Ashram has to offer for your development. Read more »

Caring for our Inheritance: Stepping Up to the Challenge
Thanks to many generous donors, we raised over $30,000 as part of our Caring for our Inheritance fundraising campaign. We are touched by the overwhelming response that helped us exceed our goal of raising $10,000. Thank you! Read more »

The Symbol of a Talking Stick
Sandra Vandenhoff, an audiologist who wears a cochlear implant to assist with her hearing loss, reflects upon her time in the Yoga Development Course (YDC) using group microphones. She quickly learned how her technology became a positive symbol. Read more »

A Year of Victory – 2017 Annual Report
Our beautifully designed Annual Report for 2017 features the Temple of Light and is titled “A Year of Victory.” Read more about our successes and learnings. Read more »

Photo of the Month – Issue 3, 2018
Be inspired with this beautiful desktop & iPhone wallpaper.  Photo by Amy Allcock. Read more »

Ripple Effect – Singing the Land & Temple of Light
For six days the Ashram was blessed with the sound of singing throughout the landscape as Corazon Vocal Ensemble and University of Western Ontario’s Community Through Choral Arts created a series of progressive concerts called Ripple Effect. Corazon director, Allison Girvan, describes how the... Read more »

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