You can make a real difference to individuals and in the world by supporting our goal of being a beacon of hope and light.

Your gift can ensure that our intergenerational, vibrant community continues to sustain over a thousand people who come each year seeking spiritual insight, inner healing and renewal. Your gift can also give opportunities to young adults, wanting to gain skills and better understand their place in the world.

You can help others on their journey of self-discovery by giving in a way that speaks to your own heart. This year’s goal is to raise $350,000. We will gladly welcome your one-time donation, monthly commitment, three-to-five year gift or estate bequest. You decide which of the 4 categories below you would most like to support, and thank you!

What to Support


Temple of Light &
Rejuvenation Fund

Your support will go toward rejuvenating, rebuilding and maintaining the physical structures that hold our practices and programs – where participants learn, stay, eat and retreat.  Now over 50 years old many of the Ashram’s buildings are understandably in need of rejuvenation. Of first priority is rebuilding the Temple of Light. The new Temple will stand as beacon of light, hope and unity in a world too often divided. To learn more about the Temple of Light project click here.

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Yasodhara Ashram
Sustainability Fund

Sustainability means many things. At Yasodhara Ashram it is both in our practices as a model for sustainable living, as well in our goal to be a viable organization for generations to come. By designating your donations to the Sustainability Fund you will support projects and programs that lead to our current and long-term sustainability goals. You can also choose to have your funds allocated to the Swami Radha Memorial Fund, which will ensure your gift continues to support the Ashram in perpetuity.

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Education &
Outreach Fund

Participants often describe their time at the Ashram as transformational. Courses help people of all ages and backgrounds to courageously face their personal transitions as well as serious global challenges. By supporting the Education & Outreach Fund you will directly contribute to building stronger, healthier communities – one participant at a time. Funds support scholarships for young adults, on-going training for teachers who offer their expertise in the spirit of selfless service, and global outreach.

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General Fund

Over its 53-year history, Yasodhara Ashram has operated on the principle of renunciation – buying what we need when we need it, without overconsumption. When you designate your support to the General Fund you allow the Ashram to determine where your gift will have the greatest impact. As you can imagine, needs change with time and circumstance. This fund gives the Ashram the flexibility that is required to address needs as they arise and ensure that the quality of our programming remains of the greatest possible quality.

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(US donors click here to donate via the ADHP, our US sister society.)

Why Give

Your support makes a world of difference in our ability to provide exceptional programming to people of all ages, from diverse cultural backgrounds and of numerous faiths. Common to nearly all cultures and faiths is the concept of giving. Even those who may not define their connection as spiritual provide philanthropic support to the causes closest to their hearts and values.

Here are some of the top reasons why your support of the Ashram matters:

  1. Donations allow the Ashram to keep its programming current, meaningful and affordable.
  2. The Ashram annually offers over $75,000 in scholarships and bursaries to allow those with limited incomes to take courses and participate in  Karma Yoga programs.
  3. We are one of few organizations where multiple faiths can gather and co-exist in harmony. Our work promotes peace and unity that is very much needed in the world.
  4. Outside funding sources are limited so we rely on the generosity of those who are capable of financial contributions.
  5. Gifts make a difference in the lives of others who benefit from the transformative programming offered at the Ashram.
  6. Your gift allows us to directly give back to our local community by creating employment opportunities for East Shore residents and donating Ashram staff/resident time to local food security and community resilience.
  7. And … giving is good karma!


You can help the Ashram thrive by making a philanthropic donation to one of our priority areas; sponsoring an event; inspiring employee matching donations at your place of work; or by holding your own fundraiser in support of the area you are most passionate about.

Gifts to the Ashram are easy to make and all amounts – large and small – matter. Financial capacity may vary, but all giving is an act of generosity that helps sustain us. Financial contributions to the Ashram can be in the form of:

  • A personal donation (tax receipts provided)
  • Corporate or foundation donation
  • In-kind gift of product that helps ease the financial burden of our operations

The choice is yours if you’d like to provide a one-time donation, gift over 3-5 years, or make monthly contributions. We are also able help establish legacy gifts for those wishing to consider the Ashram as part of their planned giving.

Your support can be designated to the priority area you feel most strongly about either as current use funding or applied to our endowment to ensure the Ashram’s long-term sustainably.


Planned Giving can include gifts that the Ashram receives now or in the future as part of your legacy. Planned gifts can include:

  • Bequests
  • Gifts of Shares
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate

Your Planned Gift can be designated to the priority area you feel most strongly about either as current use funding or applied to our endowment to ensure the Ashram’s long-term sustainably.

To learn more about planning giving, please contact Swami Samayananda.

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