The Temple at Sundown
Beauty invokes magic and the mind becomes spellbound for a brief moment all clatter stops, to be receptive. Wafts of the indescribable fragrance of Divine wisdom fills all spaces. If only the mind could retain that stillness so the light … Read more » Read more »

Fall Equinox Temple Update
Take a look inside the Temple of Light. Watch Swami Lalitananda describe its current state of construction. Read more »

The Temple in Autumn
View the Temple in autumn light. Photos by Gem Salsberg.  Read more »

Manifesting Love – Issue 5
Yasodhara Newsletter Issue 5 – Manifesting Love     Having trouble viewing this email? Click here     Manifesting Love Issue 5, 2017       Here at Yasodhara Ashram, we are expressing our devotion through completing the Temple of … Read more » Read more »

The Power of Commitment
Francesca Cogorno first came to the Ashram in 2010 and recently moved to Nelson after a five-year residency here. A fully trained Yasodhara teacher, she was involved in many aspects of day-to-day life at the Ashram. She explains how the practice of Sacred Dance... Read more »

The Inner Temple
Work is continuing on the Temple of Light. The installation of the interior lights and acoustic baffles is nearly complete. "Worship is not done for the benefit of a God or a guru, but simply for the spiritual aspirant to recognize his or her... Read more »

Join us for the 2018 YDC and Experience the new Temple of Light
With the Temple of Light nearing completion, we invite you to join the 2018 Yoga Development Course (YDC). This YDC group will be the first to access the new Temple for satsangs and special workshops. Read more »

Your Photos from August’s Temple Celebration Festival
Thank you to everyone for participating in our Temple Celebration Festival. We're sharing the highlights from photos sent in by festival participants. Thanks for the perspectives! Read more »

Kundalini Reflection Questions
The 2017 Kundalini and Dreams Teacher Certification took place last month. Members of the group created questions from their own reflections as they worked through each chakra. Reflect along with the group. Find out more in Swami Radha's book Kundalini Yoga for the West. Read more »

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