Christine Gibson – Writer

Physician Christine Gibson’s experience in the Nepal earthquakes was the impetus for coming to the Ashram and renewing her commitment to writing in a fruitful artist retreat.

Experiencing the earthquakes and observing the tragedy was really shattering for me. After returning to Canada I needed to get grounded again.

When a friend told me about the Ashram, I was immediately drawn to the idea. I always feel calm and at peace surrounded by mountains or water and the Ashram has both. I was looking for an energy that is different from my city life – running a non-profit, working as a doctor, living in a busy community – which are not conducive to the solitude it takes for real reflection.

A large part of what I gained at the Ashram was a connection to creativity, especially through the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga practice. I had been trying to write a book for ten years – stories my grandmother told me about our ancestors. I wanted to see this through to completion, whether as a publication or just for a sense of accomplishment.

Through my Hidden Language practice I was able to use the learning that happened during the earthquake to coalesce new ideas which I hadn’t learned how to express yet. I’ve never written so much in my life! All I had to do was find a way to open the tap and it just poured out.

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