Diving Deeply Within: The Yoga Development Course

ydc-2015Pictured here are six Yoga Development Course (YDC) 2015 graduates who took up our offer to stay on after the course. Karla Fuhr (front, right) speaks of her learning in the YDC and after.

I think I’ll always look at my life as “before the YDC” and “after the YDC.” The course was intense but in a gentle manner. Through the teachings I learned to find my own answers, what is meaningful for me.

The YDC offered me an opportunity to dive deeply within, to get really clear about myself and to be able to express it without getting caught in emotions. That’s a huge development. My relationships, especially with family members, are more honest. We approach each other at a more authentic level rather than from our roles.

Also the relationships within our YDC group were special. We learned so much about the truth of each other. The value of listening and being listened to is incredible. And we were supported and held by our teachers and by the community, which contributed to my breakthroughs.

Staying on at the Ashram after the course, I experience the same kinds of situations as I would outside, but here I can go a little deeper because everyone supports my growth.

I would encourage anyone to do the YDC. It’s a gift to yourself – transformational in a very positive way that expands and enhances life.

Our next YDC begins January 8, 2016. Read more about the Yoga Development Course and the follow-up five-month option.


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