Inspiring stories of renewal, healing and transformation from Yasodhara Ashram guests.

Swami Premananda Invites You!
View this video for a reminder of all the Ashram has to offer for your development. Read more »

The Symbol of a Talking Stick
Sandra Vandenhoff, an audiologist who wears a cochlear implant to assist with her hearing loss, reflects upon her time in the Yoga Development Course (YDC) using group microphones. She quickly learned how her technology became a positive symbol. Read more »

Pamela Boyd – Artist
I’ve come away with a new practice, a new way of ‘doing my own work’. Being at the ashram I’ve experienced not just a fresh hatha practice, but an all round yoga practice that speaks to my inner needs as well as my outer. Read more »

Karma Yoga Conversations
Our Karma Yoga Coordinators this spring sat down for a conversation about their experiences of Karma Yoga and organizing the daily "work in action" of the Ashram. Read more »

10 Inspiring Responses to the 10 Days of Yoga
In May 2017, we asked participants of our 10 Days of Yoga course: What has your time meant to you? What have you come away with? What inspired you? Here are their responses: “This has done incredible things for my self-awareness. … Read more » Read more »

A Tasty Retreat – Welcoming Artists and Professionals
Dana Reinhardt, a professional chef and restaurant consultant, recently spent 10 days at the Ashram on an artist/professional retreat. Her focus was unusual - she wanted to perfect a recipe she had just created for Italian-style bread. Read more »

A Learning Journey of Reflection
Christopher J. Starr leapt from the 2017 Yoga Development Course (YDC) to enrolment in the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Master's program at New York City's Columbia University - and he is amazed at how well he was prepared by his learning journey at the... Read more »

Building a Family
Reynold and Saskia Reynolds and their daughter Escher joined in Ashram life for two months this winter for a time of reconnection on many levels. Read more »

Asking the Juicy Questions of Life
Professional Retreat guest, Brenna Atnikov, describes her journey from professional burnout to discovering a more life-sustaining approach to her life and work. Read more »

Creating a Sacred Kitchen
Anne Calder is a Learning Resident in the kitchen and became inspired to write a series of articles that combines information about the Ashram approach to food with tips for readers. Here is her experience of sacredness in the daily ritual of meal preparation. Read more »