Relax, Renew & Reflect Retreat

rrr-retreat-fb Three women from across Canada recently shared their experiences in the Relax, Reflect & Renew workshop.

“It was a very peaceful, calm environment,” Alice L. of Montreal said of the retreat. “It allowed me to speak freely and learn to embrace myself.”

Manju Singh, a Kamloops resident, agreed: “The Ashram has such nurturing, wonderful energy. There’s harmony in the air which allows you to relax, to explore in a safe environment.”

Participants spent their days doing breathing exercises, hatha yoga, karma yoga, mantra, reflection and more. Calgarian Tonii Roulston expressed that she felt like she had tools she could bring back home with her to cope with life’s challenges. “When I left I felt lighter, happier, and more able to be present in the moment.” she explained. She found the tools to be effective, noting weeks later that “Those feelings continue today.”

The participants expressed a sense of gratitude for the teachings. Manju added that she was impressed by the teachings’ capacity to bring clarity to her challenges as well as her fellow participants’ unique situations.

“What you learn is incredible,” Alice reflected. “I would strongly recommend attending the Ashram.”

Consider joining us for an upcoming Relax, Renew & Reflect or Relaxation retreat.  Experience the relaxation for yourself or with someone you know!


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