Elizabeth Burr – Artist

artist-elizabethHow does the Ashram environment create an inviting space to explore both creative and spiritual potential? Recent artist retreat guest, Elizabeth Burr from Vancouver Island, describes her experience.

My three-week artist retreat has been an incredible, focused time – with yoga classes in the morning, some Karma Yoga during the day and satsangs in the evening. The spaciousness of my days brought a concentrated focus that was very beneficial. I felt supported on every level.

As I listened to personal stories at satsang and remembered reading Swami Radha’s Diary of a Woman’s Search twenty-five years ago, I felt I was coming full circle. Although my initial focus in coming here was unformed, I soon opened to the idea of writing my own story. I realized that my strong resistance to telling my story came from a fear that it would be coming from a place of ego. By letting go of my fear and resistance, I was able to open to what wanted to come through.

I also experienced a new freedom with music during my artist retreat. I participated in bhajan singing at satsangs, entering into that universal language with other musicians. My final offering was to lead an interfaith chant for peace.

The strength of the container here allowed me to touch into these burgeoning places within. The Ashram, to me, is an amazing sanctuary for growth.


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