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With more inspiring ways to study, work, retreat and connect at Yasodhara Ashram, we invite you to discover your own path to the heart of yoga.

With many courses to choose from, including the foundational 10 Days of Yoga and new offerings such as The Chakras: Opening to Dynamic Potential and Yoga & Nature Read more »
Take time for reflection, relaxation, and spiritual renewal with one of our popular guided retreats. Or create a customized Artist, Professional, Personal or Group retreat. Read more »
Join in the daily work of the Ashram, balanced with Yasodhara Yoga practices and self-study. Experience life, yoga and work in a truly transformative way! Read more »
Experience one of the most in-depth teacher training programs available in Canada - beginning with the Yoga Development Course, a three-month residential intensive, and extending into Hatha, Hidden Language Hatha, Kundalini and Dream Yoga certification. Read more »
We want to bring Yasodhara Ashram to you! To do this, we are reaching out beyond the Ashram borders with our teacher tours across North America & Europe. Stay connected to the Ashram wherever you are via our newsletter as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Or find a certified Yasodhara Yoga Teacher near you. Read more »

News at a Glance

  • Sacred Ground – Newsletter Issue 5, 2016

      Sacred Ground Issue 5, 2016 I feel that the Ashram is sacred ground, that the land itself has wisdom and that our intention is … Read more »

  • Women Holding the Earth

    Yasodhara Ashram is a place where we honour the feminine – those qualities that are separate of sex, race or even gender – and invite an intersectional dialogue on what it means to be a spiritual aspirant in the world today….

  • Temple Update: Spearhead Visit

    Swami Lalitananda and Swami Sivananda recently visited Spearhead where the structural components of the Temple are being fabricated. Spearhead’s Geoff Watts provides an overview of … Read more »


6:45 pm Discover Yasodhara: Experiencing...
Discover Yasodhara: Experiencing...
Sep 19 @ 6:45 pm – Sep 25 @ 5:30 pm
Discover Yasodhara: Experiencing Community @ Yasodhara Ashram
June 27 – July 3, July 25 – 31, August 22 – 29, September 19 – 25 Discover what it is like to live and grow in a spiritual community! This one-week work and study program offers a balanced blend … Read more »
6:45 pm Fall Equinox: Finding Balance
Fall Equinox: Finding Balance
Sep 23 @ 6:45 pm – Sep 25 @ 5:30 pm
Fall Equinox: Finding Balance @ Yasodhara Ashram
March 18 – 20, September 23 – 25 Celebrate this special time of equal day and night, by reflecting on balance. Balancing daily life demands – work, relationships, family, information input – and taking care of yourself can be challenging. How can … Read more »
11:00 am Taste of the Ashram – Day Program
Taste of the Ashram – Day Program
Oct 1 @ 11:00 am – 2:30 pm
Taste of the Ashram - Day Program @ Yasodhara Ashram
Join us for this day program which includes a yoga class, lunch and guided tour of the grounds, including an overview of our environmental initiatives and gardens. Schedule 11-12:15 – Hatha Yoga class. Please come early to register at the … Read more »
11:00 am Taste of the Ashram – Overnight ...
Taste of the Ashram – Overnight ...
Oct 1 @ 11:00 am – Oct 2 @ 12:00 pm
Taste of the Ashram - Overnight Stay @ Yasodhara Ashram
Join us for this program which includes a yoga class, lunch and guided tour of the grounds, plus participate in Karma Yoga (selfless service), dinner, evening satsang (devotional service). Includes overnight accommodation and Sunday breakfast. Date Feb 6 – 7, March … Read more »
7:30 pm Indian Classical Music Concert
Indian Classical Music Concert
Oct 1 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Indian Classical Music Concert @ Yasodhara Ashram
Immerse yourself in the soothing and melodic sounds of tabla and sitar, offered by Calgary-based Utpal and Swapan – and support the building of the new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram. This is Utpal’s first return concert since 2013. … Read more »
10:00 am Indian Classical Music Workshops
Indian Classical Music Workshops
Oct 2 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Indian Classical Music Workshops
Utpal and Swapan will offer two participatory workshops 10 am – 12 noon – An introduction to singing ragas 2 – 4 pm – Playing short compositions with rhythmic cycles Bring your instruments and notebook. Call or email to register … Read more »
6:45 pm Living the Practice with Swami R...
Living the Practice with Swami R...
Oct 2 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 7 @ 5:30 pm
Living the Practice with Swami Radhananda @ Yasodhara Ashram
October 2 – 7 How do you maintain the ideals of yoga in your daily life, in your family, in your work, in your community? What would it mean to accept the challenge to change, open your heart and mind, … Read more »
6:45 pm Thanksgiving Weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend
Oct 7 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 10 @ 5:30 pm
Thanksgiving Weekend @ Yasodhara Ashram
October 7 – 10 With a focus on gratitude, this weekend is a time to look at what each of us has harvested in our lives and what we want to preserve. What are you grateful for and how do … Read more »
6:45 pm 10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self...
10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self...
Oct 13 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 23 @ 5:30 pm
10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self-Discovery @ Yasodhara Ashram
May 19 – 29, July 21 – 31, August 11 – 21, October 13 – 23 Give yourself ten days to expand your understanding of who you are and who you want to be — ten days reprieve from stress … Read more »
6:45 pm Stilling the Mind Retreat
Stilling the Mind Retreat
Oct 14 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 18 @ 5:30 pm
Stilling the Mind Retreat @ Yasodhara Ashram
May 6 – 8, July 31 – August 4, October 14 – 18 What is the mind? What are its tendencies? How can it be directed? Each day you will learn various practices – including visualization, breathing techniques, concentration and … Read more »

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