Articulate Magazine: Sacred Space, the Temple of Light
The Temple o fLight was featured in the Spring/Summer 2017issue of Articulate Magazine. Read The Temple of Light below. Read more »

Yoga Scotland: Yasodhara Temple Rises from the Ashes
An article by Swami Lalitananda was included in the May, 2017 edition of Yoga Scotland. Read Yasodhara Temple Rises from the Ashes below.   Read more »

In the Forest: Temple of Light Update
Swami Lalitanda describes the advancing work on the Temple of Light, set to complete in the summer of 2017. Read more »

Temple of Light: Easter Flight
Beautiful Easter weather allowed for a great view of the new Temple of Light at Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay, BC. Read more »

Unity, Innovation and Diversity: Holding the Vision of the Temple of Light
Swami Lalitananda, President of Yasodhara Ashram tells the story of the Temple of Light. This symbol of light and hope in the world offers a message of unity and an invitation to connect with the Light within each of us. Read more »

Earth Breath
A winter time-lapse of nature's breath at the Temple of Light construction site. Featuring an excerpt from Swami Radha's "Body Garden" guided meditation. Read more »

view out of the new temple
The Interplay of Light
A winter sunset this week portrays the Temple's interplay with Light. Construction on the Temple of Light reached a major milestone on February 15, with the completed assembly of the 56 pre-fabricated panels, which create the “petals” or wings of the new design. Read more »

swami lalithananda on the construction site of the new temple
Temple of Light Update: The Petals are Complete
The completion of the petals mark a major milestone in the construction of the Temple of Light. Each of the eight petals consisted of seven separate sections, pre-fabricated at Spearhead Inc. All 54 pieces have now been assembled, providing the form of the Temple... Read more »

swami lalithananda in new temple of light
A Feeling of Wholeness: Temple of Light Update
The external layers of the Temple of Divine Light near completion as the pre-fabricated pieces are put into place. Watch Swami Lalitananda’s update from inside. Read more »

Temple of Light Construction Swami Lalitananda
Temple Update: The Circle is Complete
On January 20, 2017 the final base petals of the Temple’s exterior were put into place. This full circumference will serve as the foundation for the remaining sections of the Temple’s outer shell. Read more »