Exchanging Between Cultures
About 30 students from the Nelson Waldorf School and Kugluktuk High School (KHS) in Nunavut came to the Ashram for a day-trip in April as part of a school exchange program. Read more »

A Culture Within a Culture
In February, International Program Administrator Sandy Prentice and teacher, Lindsay Robertson brought a group of grade 10-12 students to Yasodhara Ashram as part of their course on global and intercultural studies. Read more »

Corazón – Singing from the Heart
Beautiful young voices filled the Ashram recently, when over sixty members of Nelson’s Corazón choir came for an overnight team-building visit. Read more »

Teens ask, “What is Inner Beauty?”
This year’s seven teen girls who attended Shakti Camp were inspired by Amy Allcock’s introduction of photography as a way of exploring self-image. The teens explored beauty with words and photos — Where do you see it? What are its qualities? What is inner... Read more »