Hunting for Treasure: Crawford Bay School Children Tour the Ashram
Over 30 children from the Crawford Bay School in grades kindergarten to six came to the Ashram for two separate tours in recent weeks. Max Wong, Kayla MacDougall and Ashley Laframboise helped organize the tours. Ashley shares her experience of leading them each through... Read more »

Exchanging Between Cultures
About 30 students from the Nelson Waldorf School and Kugluktuk High School (KHS) in Nunavut came to the Ashram for a day-trip in April as part of a school exchange program. Read more »

A Culture Within a Culture
In February, International Program Administrator Sandy Prentice and teacher, Lindsay Robertson brought a group of grade 10-12 students to Yasodhara Ashram as part of their course on global and intercultural studies. Read more »

Kootenay Lake Gathering Held at the Ashram
Over a hundred people from around the region gathered at Yasodhara Ashram on October 22nd for the 4th Annual Kootenay Lake Summit, organized by the Friends of Kootenay Lake (FOKL). Read more »

Corazón – Singing from the Heart
Beautiful young voices filled the Ashram recently, when over sixty members of Nelson’s Corazón choir came for an overnight team-building visit. Read more »

Ashram Cradles Self-Led Group
Intuition led Yvonne Werkmann of Didsbury, AB to bring a group of eight women to the Ashram for their own spiritual retreat Read more »

Magical Mountain Moments
The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) recently brought educators from Eastern Canada to British Columbia as part of their Summer Institute’s professional development. Randy McLeod, CWF Education Manager, explains why they chose Yasodhara Ashram as one of their first ‘magical mountain … Read more » Read more »

Karma Yogis in Garden
Sacred Meeting Ground
Two local meditation groups reflect on what makes Yasodhara Ashram a sacred meeting ground for their Christian traditions. “Our little group enjoys coming to Yasodhara Ashram for a day’s retreat because it is such a welcoming, healing place. The deep … Read more » Read more »

A ‘Perfect Fit’
A bride-to-be and friends found Yasodhara Ashram a “perfect fit” for relaxing time together before the wedding day. “Although unconventional, it was perfect,” said bride Lauren Maluta of the surprise one-day and overnight stay. Annie Shrieves, maid of honour: “We’re … Read more » Read more »

Hosting Groups from Different Spiritual Traditions
This fall the Ashram provided the ground for several different spiritual traditions to gather. In September, we hosted the Venerable Losang Samten in a Tibetan Buddhist healing initiation into Green Tara and Medicine Buddha. We also participated in a ceremony led by First Nations... Read more »