Trusting My Intrinsic Worth
I pause and think maybe I should try a different tactic. Maybe I should look at the situation from a yogic perspective. Why has the Divine presented me with this situation? What can I learn? Read more »

The Peace We Build
From a distanced Western perspective, conflict in the Middle East used to feel like a confusing jumble of war that happens far away. After spending three months there witnessing the war up close it became no less confusing. Read more »

Relinquishing Control
I want to listen to the small, sweet voice of the soul, even in places that aren’t always seen as spiritual like my work for a non-profit and my personal financial planning. Read more »

Women Holding the Earth
Yasodhara Ashram is a place where we honour the feminine – those qualities that are separate of sex, race or even gender – and invite an intersectional dialogue on what it means to be a spiritual aspirant in the world today.... Read more »

Investing in Myself
Laura Vanags is a commercial photographer originally from Canada who currently resides in South Australia. She shares how her time at the Ashram has helped her develop the confidence and courage needed to make positive changes in her life. Read more »

A Chef’s Perspective on the Ashram’s Food Production
Okanagan-based chef Giulio Piccioli of One Big Table recently visited the Ashram for a Karma Yoga stay. He shares his perspective on our full cycle approach to food production. Read more »

Yoga Development Course 2016 Begins
A wonderful blend of twenty-one participants came together on January 8 to begin their three-month journey of self-inquiry through the Yoga Development Course (YDC). Our community of teachers and karma yogis welcomed them with words of encouragement and support. We listened to their inspiring... Read more »

Photo of the Month – January 2016
How to set the Photo of the Month as your Desktop image (wallpaper): Mac OS X / Safari: Click on the photo to the left, which will open the large version in a new window. Then, right-click (ctrl+click) on the large image and choose... Read more »