Centred At The Edge

$100.00 Deposit

June 6 – 13

It’s in that convergence of spiritual people becoming active and active people becoming spiritual that the hope of humanity now rests. – Van Jones

This special collaboration between the Yasodhara Ashram and System Change Educators, Centred at the Edge, is designed for changemakers who long for a supportive space to reconnect to their unique sense of spirit, to access their inner wisdom, to review their purpose and their work in the world with a renewed mind, heart, body and soul.

We invite you to enter into a beautiful, restful, deeply held space to explore practices and processes for expanding your understanding of who you are, the edges you are walking, what gifts you have to offer, and where you are ready to let go. This will be a time to reflect upon how you will best serve this world in these turbulent times. How might that very turbulence be inviting you to expand, deepen and evolve your skills and awareness?

As changemakers, what happens when we lose our centre? Working with our centre and our edges includes working from, and believing in, our strengths and inner knowing. It also includes welcoming ‘not-knowing’, the experience of feeling off- balance, and befriending those aspects of ourselves we judge, disavow or marginalize as essential to our practice and to our wholeness.

The daily rhythm and teachings of the Ashram will carry you for 6 full days, offering opportunities to explore spiritual practices that support your inner development in order to enhance your outer work for change in the world. Experienced system change educators are your companions on this journey, offering coaching, practices and perspectives to help you make meaning of personal and collective insights as they relate to your leadership on the edges between what is now – and what could be.

Please join us.

Yasodhara Practices include: Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Life Seals, Meditation and Relaxation, Mantra, Satsang

Systems Change practices include: Adaptive Cycle; Lessons in Resilience, Systems Lenses, Pattern Recognition, Authentic Communication, Edgework and Deep Democracy With Cheryl Rose and Vanessa Reid

Cost:$1250; deposit $100 (See our Cancellation Policy)
Includes shared accommodation, three meals daily, morning hatha, retreat/workshop, and evening satsang. After the program ends, stay overnight and have breakfast the next day at no extra cost.


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