Over its 53-year history, Yasodhara Ashram has operated on the principle of renunciation – buying what we need when we need it, without overconsumption. Our budget is approximately $1.3 million each year.


Our growth has been slow and steady, building on a solid foundation. We have gradually invested in new buildings, upgraded existing ones, and developed infrastructure with green technologies. We are currently upgrading our water system and converting to renewable heating systems. With concerns of global warming and the potential for increased local wildfires, we are creating fire-safe zones around our buildings and training residents in first response to fires on our property.


This high-impact fund gives us the financial freedom to ensure our programming is of the highest possible quality.

Like all educational institutes, our income fluctuates with our annual enrollment levels. We are continually challenged to adapt our programs to meet many diverse needs and to support the Ashram’s financial health. Exploring new marketing and communication avenues is an ongoing focus – introducing and inviting people to visit the Ashram. Daily, our office team is corresponding with people from all over the world, answering inquiries and registering students. The entire guest experience is cared for by dedicated Karma Yogis focused on selfless service.


As the Ashram has grown, we have expanded from being solely Karma Yoga based to employing people with skills that allow residents to focus on guests, teaching, new directions and program expansion. Currently we are grateful to those employees who bring accounting, IT, organizational development, food security and cooking skills.


The General Fund gives us the most flexibility in achieving our goals. By providing us with a one-time gift or monthly support through the Ashram’s Circle of Sustainability, you can help us meet our program goals, our monthly expenses, and our plans for the future. Your gift will be warmly received and will make an important difference to all those who visit the Ashram.

Through a gift to the General Fund, your gift will support the Ashram’s most pressing needs.


“I am so happy to contribute a little something every month to the Ashram. To be in touch in a concrete way.”

“With gratitude for the support I receive from you and this place, and the teachings.”

“The work of the ashram changed my life, as it has for so many others. The amount of this gift represents a few hours of my work, which I will now do on the first of the month as karma yoga for the ashram.”

“I am so grateful for the teachings! Please use this where it is most needed.”

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