Take this opportunity to experience yoga and work in a truly transformative way!

The One-Month (OM) Karma Yoga program is for anyone interested in living in a spiritual community to explore work, develop self-knowledge and gain skills. This live-and-work program focuses on Karma Yoga — the yoga of action and selfless service — and also introduces participants to Mantra, Hatha, Dreams and Kundalini Yoga—tools that can help expand awareness.

Yasodhara Ashram is an intergenerational community where people of all ages—from youth to elders and everyone in between—work together. Young Adults (18-30) are offered a reduced fee structure and Elders (60 and over) can choose to work six-hours instead of eight.

The program helps you deepen self-knowledge, integrate as a valued working member of the community and take away a life-changing experience.

Cost: Young Adults (18-30) $600; Adults $825; Elders (60+) $825 (six hour work day option available); Deposit $100 when you are accepted into the program. (See our Cancellation Policy)
Includes shared accommodation, three meals daily, morning hatha, retreat/workshop, and evening satsang.

Bursary Applications are available for Young Adults and Elders on fixed income.

Shared accommodation and meals included.

2016 Program dates: January 4 – February 1, February 1 – February 28, March 7 – April 4, April 18 – May 16, May 2 – May 30, May 30 – June 27, June 27 – July 25, July 25 – August 22, August 22 – September 19, September 19 – October 17, October 17 – November 14, November 14 – December 12, December 12 – January 9

Application required: Processing time is 1-2 weeks

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