November 7, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Aparigraha – Letting Go and Giving: A Hidden Language Hatha Yoga Practice

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One of four classes exploring the Yamas and Nyamas through yoga poses and reflection. Take one class or all four!

About this Event

The harvest season reminds us that nature is constantly giving. Trees give their fruit, and they shed their leaves as part of the cycle of renewal, providing mulch for the new season. We can receive Divine abundance, but we also need to let go of some things to allow us to sprout new ideas and grow on our spiritual path. Yoga asanas, inspired by the natural world, can teach and inspire us to enter more fully into this flow: to learn, digest and take stock. What to hold on to? What to let go of? Where can we give, with joy, from our own abundance?

You will need an uncluttered space, a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, a journal and pen. You are also asked to sign in 30 minutes before your first class to check and adjust the positioning of your mat, laptop camera, lighting and sound.