Donor Quotes from our 2017 Spring Fundraising Campaign – Help Us Finish the Temple

So many heartfelt and encouraging messages from our ever-expanding Ashram Family. Thank you for your support!

“Thank you for providing a place of peace and tranquility for all.”

“What an amazing vision! I so vividly remember the warmth of the old temple, and look forward to a day when I can join the beautiful ashram community in the new temple. Sending lots of love and light! In gratitude to Swami Radha and my teachers at the Ashram. May the Light of the new Temple bring peace to our world.”

“The old temple was part of the amazing setting for our wedding; the beginning of our family. That was the summer of 2013. Now, we have a 3 year old and 1 year old son. We cannot wait to one day take them to the place that started it all and means so very much to us. We love it there so very much. Thank you.”

“Congratulations on this very special Temple of Light. Truly an inspiration to all to follow the Light.”

“I’m glad to support this truly beautiful project of Light!”

“So much Light and Gratitude to all of for helping to bring this to fruition.”

“May the Ashram continue to sustain and inspire all who visit.”

“Hello, a long way away but still connected through the Light, and reconnecting. The ashram IS my spiritual home. I love the way the Temple is coming together, thinking of you all as you have the amazing opportunity to see the wonder of this building and what it stands for manifest in front of your eyes. The videos ARE fantastic!”

“I have been to the ashram a few times over the years and want to give back to you for the amazing… enlightening…peace that I’ve received while with you. Thank you.”

“Thank you from my heart for the gift of The Divine Light Invocation. I have been using it for the past 30 years. It has helped me a lot through the ups and down of life. When I do the Light Invocation, I feel centred and sustained by the Light, I see the Light around me and in everyone. The Light is my connection to the Temple. Namaste.”

“It is wonderful to be able to support the creation of one of the most beautiful buildings in the world coming into being.”

“And when I think of all of us with our own separate candles shining, hands cupped around them, illuminating, I think we’re all carrying something, all helping something grow. I mean I really think a thousand little flames could meet the sun as an equal–I mean if we all came together from many entrances into a shared space. Much Light! It is an honour to be part of this community.”

“Your new temple represents both a spiritual and architectural leap of faith. A brave vision. The ashram has been an integral part of the East Shore Community, and I’m happy to provide a small measure of support towards its future blossoming.”

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