“There’s something about the creation part, of being focused. When I’m in this quiet space, it’s very nourishing for me.”


Divine Mother II by Lindsey Curtis


Linear Thoughts by Lindsey Curtis


Waves Crashing by Lindsey Curtis

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About the Artist

LINDSEY CURTIS credits her first Life Seals course with re-igniting her passion for art. Now in her second year living at the Ashram, she is exploring the idea of studying art in the future.

Her long-held interest in watercolor and acrylic painting and newly developed enjoyment of drawing, take her to a quiet meditative space that nourishes. “Even my art is becoming a practice of learning about myself,” she says while acknowledging the influence of her participation in the 2014 Yoga Development Course.

“It’s been a process of listening to my heart for what I want. My art-making also reflects a clarity within… being clear enough to listen and bring forward what I hear.”