Swami Radha described the spiritual path as being like polishing a diamond. Now here we are, six decades after she founded our beloved Ashram, celebrating our Diamond Anniversary! This year’s theme 60 Years: Growing into Light is an invitation to reflect on how far we have come – both individually and collectively – and how we wish to evolve alongside a complex and rapidly changing world.

In her President’s message for this year, Swami Lalitananda offered important questions for each of us to consider: How do we contend with the fact that the Ashram is on unceded indigenous territory? How do we contribute to a world that we are simultaneously harming? How do we want to channel our energy? We encourage you to read her full message.


Sharing Reflections & Memories
We invite you to add your reflections and memories about the Ashram, as well as your experience of deepening a Yasodhara practice this year.

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2023 Program Calendar
One of the best ways to join in the celebrations is by coming for a retreat, course or Karma Yoga (selfless service) stay. We also have online offerings so you can stay connected at home.