Saraswati – The Goddess of learning, beauty, poetry, music, dance, the arts and the lineage of Swami Radha’s teachings.

Salon – A gathering of likeminded peers where ideas are exchanged and knowledge gained.

The Saraswati Salon will spotlight a different artist and art form each month. We provide this regular newsletter feature as a way of celebrating the Ashram’s Saraswati lineage and the creative talents vibrant within our community.

Drop in anytime. Enjoy the offerings and pass along your suggestions for future highlights.

Watercolors bring Harmony
Lakshmi (Janet) Brown spent her reflection time at the Ashram this winter honing her skill with watercolors and focusing on the Light. The result? A personal art show in Mandala House... Read more »

Living in Spirit
Elicia Marie Brisby brought the art of sewing into her preparation for a Vision Quest, an important initiation in her cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Nation. Living at the Ashram for her second time, she decided to do the Vision Quest after completing the... Read more »

Supporting the Temple Rebuild
When local artist Shirley Wyngaard recognized the challenge of rebuilding the Temple, she saw opportunity for the arts community to get involved. “So many of us have a relationship on some level with the Ashram. I thought a way to contribute would be to... Read more »

Connecting through Prayer Dance
Rebecca Dale's love of sacred prayer dance shines through her entire being. She teaches workshops in Canada and the United States, including at Yasodhara Ashram and in Nelson where she is establishing a Yasodhara Yoga Centre. Read more »

Quilting the Inner Diamond
The fabric art of quiltmaking calls to NICOLE ST. ARNAUD of Calgary. “I just love the colors and bringing different pieces together to create a pattern.” She also notes that “everyone has a patchwork of life.” Read more »

Conscious hip-hop reflects evolution
Tanin Shunter grew up in a musical family in Nelson across the lake from the Ashram. As early as grade 6, he experimented with hip-hop. Read more »

Painting as a Practice of Learning
LINDSEY CURTIS credits her first Life Seals course with re-igniting her passion for art. Now in her second year living at the Ashram, she is exploring the idea of studying art in the future. Read more »