Welcome to Kali’s Café Recipes!

Each month we will bring you a nutritious, healthy recipe that is bound to remind you of delicious meals in the Mandala House dining room (enjoyed in silent community, listening to the Hari Om Mantra!).

Some recipes have been developed in the Ashram kitchen, some are from friends of the Ashram and have been adapted for our dining room, and others will come from our Summer Kitchen recipe book.

Check in monthly and enjoy bringing a taste of the Ashram to your kitchen!

Cabbage Kimchi
Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish that our Preserving Kitchen karma yogis make and we all get to enjoy. Not only does it add spice to our meals, it is a great tonic for this season of potential colds and flus. The raw garlic,... Read more »

Vegan Pumpkin Pie
It is a miracle that a small round flat seed the size of a fingertip can grow into a thick-skinned magnificently fleshed pumpkin in a matter of months! Squashes of all shapes and sizes, of sunshine yellow, deep orange, blue and green spotted... Read more »

Stuffed Squash Blossoms
Squash flowers stuffed with local eggplant, peppers and parmesan cheese are a fall delicacy. Beautiful as an appetizer or as the main course. Read more »

Raspberry Sorbet
Raspberries here, raspberries there, raspberries everywhere! Every day this bountiful season, Ashram karma yogis fill tray upon tray of richly red raspberries. It's a gentle harvest, a tentative encouraging pinch with finger and thumb and off they slide. Read more »

Sourdough Starter & Simple Bread
“My Ashram internship was the perfect opportunity to go further with my interest in sourdough. There are so many metaphors – balance, relationships. Starter is a delicious mix of harmonious microbes!” Read more »

Pasta Primavera with Nettle Sauce
This delicious pasta dish is brimming with spring vegetables and flavourful, healthy nettles. Nettle is part of the English name used to describe many plants with "stinging hairs". They are readily found in spring and summer markets (and the Ashram garden). It turns out... Read more »

Spring Vegetable Omelette
A fresh Spring Vegetable Omelette is great any time of the year, but it's best in the spring when asparagus and mushrooms are in season. Serve with a fresh green salad and toast or a bagel. Read more »

Cheesecake with Ashram Fruit Compote
Cheesecake was one of Swami Radha's favourite desserts. At the Ashram, on Thursday, March 20th, we will celebrate Swami Radha's birthday in the Temple and later in the day with a special dinner and a cheesecake dessert! The Ashram Culinary team will serve the... Read more »

Roasted Root Vegetables
Winter doesn’t have to mean an end to nutritious, fresh vegetables. In winter, at the Ashram, we turn to the many benefits of root vegetables. They can be stored for many months and enjoyed throughout this colder season in hearty and delicious dishes. Read more »

Vegetarian Spelt Crust Pizza with Pesto
Pizza is always a favourite menu item at the Ashram and somehow during the winter months of the Yoga Development Course there’s warmth and comfort in a hearty pizza made with seasonal vegetables. Read more »