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Self-Image 1:45 am
Jun 1 @ 1:45 am – Jun 3 @ 12:30 am
In the Self-Image workshop you will explore how you see yourself through written reflections and video recordings. The image you put out to others is the basis of responses that you get back. What is your self-image now? What do … Read more »
Who Am I? Self-Image & Identification 1:45 am
Who Am I? Self-Image & Identification
Jun 1 @ 1:45 am – Jun 6 @ 12:30 am
By exploring your self-image and questioning who you really are, you can peel away external layers and come closer to your essence. These two original workshops developed by Swami Radha are often a pivotal point for self-understanding when offered in … Read more »
Calling to the Divine 1:45 am
Calling to the Divine
Jul 1 @ 1:45 am – Jul 6 @ 12:30 am
Music & Consciousness, Sacred Dance and Mantra This five-day program taps into the devotional nature of the heart through music, sound and dance. Music & Consciousness is an original workshop developed by Swami Radha to awaken inner knowledge through the … Read more »
A Taste of the Ashram 6:00 pm
A Taste of the Ashram
Jun 1 @ 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
To celebrate the Ashram’s 50th Anniversary, we are inviting guests to register for a short day program that gives a taste of this special community. Join us for a yoga class, lunch and guided tour of the grounds, including an … Read more »
One-Month Karma Yoga Introduction Intake Day 12:00 am
One-Month Karma Yoga Introduction Intake Day
Jun 4 @ 12:00 am – 12:00 am
The Service & Study Program is for those who are interested in experiencing life in a spiritual community, developing skills and studying yoga. This is a live and work program, with a focus on the practice of Karma Yoga or … Read more »
Young Adult Program Intake Day 12:00 am
Young Adult Program Intake Day
Jun 4 @ 12:00 am – 12:00 am
ONE-MONTH KARMA YOGA INTRODUCTION This is a live and work program, with a focus on the practice of Karma Yoga or selfless service. Participants are also introduced to the different forms of yoga that we practice here – including Mantra, … Read more »
Tools For Transformation Retreat 1:45 am
Tools For Transformation Retreat
Jun 8 @ 1:45 am – Jun 12 @ 12:30 am
In this spacious retreat you will learn new ways to support yourself in making changes that reflect your ideals. Each day includes instruction, group work and plenty of personal time for reflection and practice. Instruction focuses on our core practices … Read more »
Body as a Temple 1:45 am
Body as a Temple
Jun 10 @ 1:45 am – Jun 15 @ 12:30 am
Sacred Dance, Hidden Language & Relaxation Give yourself the time to honour and respect your body. In this program, you will listen to your body’s messages through the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga course – a method that Swami Radha pioneered … Read more »
Hidden Language Hatha Yoga 1:45 am
Hidden Language Hatha Yoga
Jun 10 @ 1:45 am – Jun 12 @ 12:30 am
Hidden Language Hatha Yoga @ Yasodhara Ashram
The Hidden Language is a gentle and meditative style of Hatha Yoga that includes writing, visualization and mantra. Hidden Language reveals the profound interconnections of body, mind, speech and spirit. As you stretch your body, you can open your mind … Read more »
Dream Yoga 1:45 am
Dream Yoga
Jun 15 @ 1:45 am – Jun 17 @ 12:30 am
Where do dreams come from? What messages do they hold? Dream Yoga is a powerful way to get in touch with your Higher Self. Learn Swami Radha’s step-by-step method to unlock the language of your unconscious. By working with the … Read more »
Key to the Unconscious: Dream Yoga and Straight Walk® 1:45 am
Key to the Unconscious: Dream Yoga and Straight Walk®
Jun 15 @ 1:45 am – Jun 20 @ 12:30 am
Learn to open the doors to your unconscious through the exploration of your personal symbolism. The Dream Yoga workshop, based on Swami Radha’s book, Realities of the Dreaming Mind, helps you open to the meaning of your dreams, which are … Read more »
10 Days of Yoga 1:45 am
10 Days of Yoga
Jun 21 @ 1:45 am – Jul 1 @ 12:30 am
One of our most popular programs for students of all levels, this course is designed to offer practices that support your personal and spiritual development. Instruction is given in a variety of traditional yogic practices such as Mantra, Kundalini and … Read more »
Yoga of Light Retreat 1:45 am
Yoga of Light Retreat
Jun 22 @ 1:45 am – Jun 24 @ 12:30 am
What better time to focus on the Light than on the magic of summer solstice? The Divine Light Invocation is a standing meditation that combines the body, breath and mind in a concise practice of visualizing Divine Light, recognizing the … Read more »
Strawberry Social 8:00 pm
Strawberry Social
Jun 22 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Join us for the 18th Annual Ashram Strawberry Social. There will be lots of strawberries, used book sale, music, and community! For more information, please contact us.
Sufi Zikr 7:00 pm
Sufi Zikr
Jun 28 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sufi Zikr @ Yasodhara Ashram
A Sufi Zikr at the Ashram! On Friday, June 28 from 7 – 9 pm, join us and participate in a Zikr offering with Kabir and Mirabai. Zikr is a Sufi circle dance, a practice of “Divine Remembrance” that employs … Read more »
Mantra Yoga 6:45 pm
Mantra Yoga
Jun 30 @ 6:45 pm – Jul 2 @ 5:30 pm
The Mantra Yoga workshop will deepen your understanding of the effects of sound as you investigate your own voice through chanting. Mantras are words of power that are devotional by nature and can calm the emotions, improve concentration and promote … Read more »