Hazel Naughton – It’s Only Me

It’s Only Me
Her eyes are a tall man

in a corner of the room

reading a book in French

Her lips are freshly squeezed

orange juice

Her nose is always trying

to steal the show

Her eyebrows, those friends

who always bail last minute

Her hair , a past lover

and her now therapist

Her neck is blue velvet

Her collar bone, a string of pearls

Her breasts are a never ending

custody battle

Her belly, a horror movie

but nobody dies

Her hips are a decade of the rosary

set to salsa music

Her thighs, two lovers kissing

Her knees are granny apples

ready to be peeled

Her shins, where flowers bloom

Her calves are slices of tinned peaches

Her feet, a bag full

of broken violin strings

Her back is a night time lake

reflecting constellations

Her arms, single parents

just trying to make ends meet

Her fingers are addicts

looking for their next fix

Her laughter is a bullet proof vest

Her heart, a house cat

ready to pounce on a rattle snake

Her thoughts are a million planets

Living and Dying

Her Soul, their creator

And her bones sing to themselves

as they walk down the street.

Hazel Naughton from Ireland. Former long term karma yogi and YDC 2020 participant.


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