Program Manager


We are seeking a Program Manager to help us to upgrade and modernize our Ashram software programs to introduce and develop a suite of integrated programs (a Tech Stack). This opening comes with an invitation to live in our vibrant spiritual community nestled in forest between the mountains and the lake in the Kootenays of BC.

Yasodhara Ashram is a living example of a dynamic residential community based on yogic ideals. You will be surrounded by other people pursuing self-development, living their ideals and discovering the promise of yoga, giving you the chance to be involved with other community activities, and to reflect on who and how you are at work, through daily Hatha Yoga, Satsangs and reflection breaks with your co-workers.

We have made a start with a successful transition to QuickBooks online for Accounting and are currently exploring options for our Gift Store. As a Project Manager, you will manage one overall project with several strands leading to the implementation of an integrated tech stack of software programs to register guests and volunteers, manage retail, run our newsletters and mail lists, receive donations and nurture donors, track Ashram membership and training certifications. In consultation with managers you will help develop the program, set deadlines and ensure that these are met. You will also take the lead in advising on each software program selection (research and presentation) supporting our community of users, delegating tasks and managing outcomes.

This is a unique opportunity to experience life at Yasodhara Ashram while offering your project management skills:
20 hours a week – Please contact for wage.

6 months contract initially with a likelihood of further extension
preferably on site, and if you choose to live with us as part of our community, we will include your room, full board and wifi as part of the contract as a taxable benefit.

Subject to discussion and agreement, this position could be combined with continuing remote working on other projects for which you have contracts. Or, once you get to know us you may also choose to broaden their Ashram experience through participation in other Ashram activities (Karma Yoga, classes and workshops.)

Contact for more information or to apply, email


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