Meditation On Breathing

In response to what is happening in Ukraine right now, Swami Lalitananda shares these words while our Elastic Band came together to record ‘Meditation on Breathing’. (Lyrics are slightly changed to fit the times: When I breathe in, I breathe in Light; When I breathe out, I breathe out peace.)

“This morning I read a post that expresses something like, “Here I am, washing my face and there they are, fleeing for their lives.” In my practice I feel the sadness of war and suffering, and the helplessness of standing by.

What can I say that is not ignorant, arrogant or inconsequential?

As I chant, I ask the gurus—the wise ones who are no longer on the Earth, who are Consciousness—for their help.

I feel the sadness. I allow myself to feel this sadness. It is just there. How sorry I am that we are still doing this to each other–destroying life, these beautiful beings, these beautiful complex wonderful beings.

Pranayama. I breathe in nourishment, a calm blue presence filled with healing Light. I hold the breath and enter a state of quiet nothingness, death of a sort. Sparkles of ight pulse, and I trust wisdom to vanquish ignorance. I breathe out soft white loving Light and see it cloaking and wrapping the conflict zones—the people, animals, land— in peace.

These outbreaths feel like my most powerful tool. Though fleeting and ephemeral, they are strong and real. They are nothing but life and intention; and they are everything I hope for… peace.”


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